Business English Orientation Course

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This course may be held during the summer if there is enough interest.

Purpose: to aid new international students in making a smooth and successful transition/entry into an American university environment in general and the Iowa State University College of Business.

This course will help students

  • Improve levels of student self-confidence in their English skills as they prepare to enter a new learning environment and possibly a new cultural environment by seeking to address language deficiencies and by providing abundant practice opportunities with regular class discussions
  • Make the transition to an American higher-education system go as smoothly as possible by familiarizing students with an orientation to the American academic process and its accompanying terminology
  • Prepare and present both individual and group presentations about business-oriented topics
  • Learn business terminology and idiomatic expressions used in business
  • Analyze and solve basic business case studies
  • Prepare an effective resume and cover letter
  • Write business e-mails
  • Practice note-taking techniques

Intended student audience: international undergraduate students from non-native English speaking backgrounds who have been accepted into the ISU College of Business and will be entering ISU in the Fall semester as pre-Business students

Proposed program costs: IEOP Program fees ($1225.00) + ISU health insurance fee ($204.00) + ISU housing fee ($347.00 double room/$417.00 single room) + meals (meal plan options vary according to student, and include a 25-meal block for $245; a 50-meal block for $484; a 75-meal block for $718; and the choice of no meal plan, which would allow you to choose to eat their meals anywhere or prepare their own meals)

Spaces is Limited: There is only room for 15 students!

Course length and dates: four weeks in duration, starting July ending in August.

Hours of instruction: four hours per day, five days per week (Mon-Fri) for a total of 80 classroom hours of instruction

Proposed daily schedule: 8:40 am – 1:00 pm (including two 10-minute breaks)

Sign Up: Download the application form! Return it to John House to sign up:

More information: email the instructor, John House at

Disclaimer: At least 10 students must be enrolled by June 1 for this course to proceed. Please wait to receive a confirmation email after June 1 before you book your flight.