Exit Program

Did you know that IEOP has an Exit Program?  We offer this program if there is enough interest and enrollment.

This program will help you show your English ability so you can earn admission to Iowa State University.  If you pass the Exit Program, you will not need to worry about earning a certain TOEFL or IELTS score. In the Exit Program, you will take two topic-based classes, such as (1) political science and environmental science and (2) technology. You will also have a third class that will help you get ready to study at Iowa State, which will cover how to find information at the Parks Library, classroom etiquette, and how to avoid plagiarism.

You will create a portfolio as part of the Exit Program. It will include a research paper, a presentation, and a study plan with a reflection. Your course grades and your portfolio must demonstrate readiness to study at Iowa State University for you to receive a recommendation for enrollment in Iowa State University courses at the end of the semester.

Criteria for the IEOP Exit Courses The Exit Level Program is limited to undergraduate students High Intermediate level and higher in all skill areas. Graduate students, students who already have a passing TOEFL/IELTS score, and sponsored students may be able to join the Exit Level Program in exceptional situations. In order to enroll in the Exit Level Program, a student needs to:

  • Show interest by filling out the Interest in Special Courses Form
  • Be in High Intermediate or High level in all skill areas
  • Score 70% or higher in the Exit Level Writing Placement test
  • Have recommendations from 3 out of 4 IEOP teachers in the previous semester (returning students)
  • Have passing grades in at least 3 out of 4 classes in the previous semester (returning students)

Other criteria may apply due to limited classroom space. Students in the Exit Level Program cannot take other classes (e.g., Test Preparation class).


Course 1: Academic Skills

This university-type course will focus on all skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Spring 2019 topic will be American Government. (10 hours per week)

  • Read and discuss academic textbooks in small and large groups.
  • Develop a knowledge of academic sentence structure and vocabulary
  • Listen to academic lectures, take notes, and take tests in a university class
  • Write essays and a research paper

Course 2: Technology for Academic Success

This technology course will focus on the technology skills needed to succeed at ISU (4 hours per week)

  • Use Canvas (a learning management system used at ISU)
  • Develop strategies for taking part in online discussion groups related to the American Government and Environmental Science courses.
  • Learn about the online writing conventions used in academic communications
  • Make effective use of PowerPoint for academic presentations

Course 3: Orientation to American Higher Education

This orientation course will focus on familiarizing with American higher education expectations and conventions (4 hours per week)

  • Find information in the library
  • Understand classroom etiquette and professors’ expectations
  • Develop strategies for oral and written interactions with faculty and staff at a university
  • Learn to avoid plagiarism
  • Write reflections

Important Notes

  1. Students enrolled in the Exit Level Program will not be able to enroll in other classes (e.g., Test Preparation class).
  2. Students enrolled in the Exit Level Program are encouraged to take the IEOP TOEFL at the end of the semester.

Enrollment Criteria

Space in the class is limited. You will take a placement test when you arrive at IEOP. You must place into level High Intermediate or higher in all of your skill classes (Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking, and Grammar) to be able to enroll in the Exit Level Program. Other selection criteria may be applied if many students are interested in this program because space is limited to 14 students.


If you have questions about the Exit Level Program, please contact Sarah Moore (sarahm@iastate.edu).