This is Bianca and Karina. They came from Brazil, and they did not speak any English before they came to IEOP.

This is Marzhan, and she is from Kazakhstan. She really enjoyed studying in IEOP!

This is Zhang Gexue, and she is from China. She took IEOP classes for one semester and then went on to study business at Iowa State University.

This is Sahib. He is from Saudi Arabia, and he talks about how IEOP helped him improve his English!

Meet Emily. She was born in China but spent most of her life in Costa Rica. She talks about IEOP and Ames, Iowa.

This is Nate. He is from China. He tells why he chose to study at IEOP before he took classes at Iowa State.

Watch this video of Xiaoyu Xu. She studied at Iowa State University. She worked for IEOP while she was a student at ISU. She talks about the TOEFL, IEOP, ISU, and Ames.