Below is an estimate for expenses for a full-time IEOP student. Fees listed are in U.S. dollars.

Immigration regulations require international students to verify the availability of financial resources to pay for all their educational, living, and other expenses (and those of any dependents) for the duration of their studies (up to two semesters) prior to the issuance of the Form I-20 or Form DS-2019, which is necessary to obtain a Visa to enter the United States.

**Estimated Expenses** Spring 2022 Spring II 2022 Summer 2022
IEOP Program Fee $5,200 $2,600 $2,600
ISU Mandatory Fees* $639 $639 $388
ISU Housing and Meals $4,613 $2,307 $2,204
ISU Health Insurance** $1,099 $1,099 $471
Books and supplies $345 $345 $330
  • Includes the activity and services fee, required health clinic and facility fees and standard computer fee. Please refer to the ISU Tuition and Fees webpage for more detailed information about these fees. Local transportation (bus pass) is covered under the activity fee, so students ride fare-free. ** Health insurance is required for all international students. Usually, students must have ISU’s Health Insurance. You can learn more under the “General Information” on ISU’s Health Insurance page. For more help, contact the Student and Scholar Health Insurance Program Office at (515)-294-2394 or *** Personal miscellaneous is not a required expense. It is meant to represent everyday items that may be purchased during the semester, such as personal care items (soap, lotion, toothbrush), gas for a vehicle, clothing (etc).

The IEOP Program Fee will appear on a student’s university bill (U-bill). Be sure to check your U-bill for your deadline for payment. ISU fees will also appear on your U-bill and should be paid according to the schedule outlined by the university.

Students not on an F-1 visa, who would like to apply for part-time enrollment, may contact IEOP for fee information. All F-1 students must be enrolled as full-time students and must pay all ISU fees.

IEOP and university fees are subject to change without notice by the state board of regents. Some fees (room, meal, health, computer and activity) increase annually. This information is provided as a guide only.