Faculty and Staff

Our IEOP instructors excel at teaching English as a second language, both in terms of professional education and in experience as ESL instructors. Our instructors are world travelers. Most have lived, and often, have taught in other countries. These experiences abroad allow instructors to relate to students and to appreciate the cultural diversity that students bring to class. All of our instructors have studied at least one foreign language; many have studied two or three. Our instructors understand firsthand the challenges associated with studying and learning a new language, and this understanding is applied in our classrooms.

Dr. Gulbahar Beckett Director
Dr. Karina Silva Assistant Director


Kristi Bartlett Lecturer [IEOP]
Jarred Brinkmann Senior Lecturer [IEOP]
Joan Chamberlin Senior Lecturer [IEOP]
John B. House Lecturer [IEOP]
Sarah Moore Senior Lecturer [IEOP]
Jayme Wilken Lecturer [IEOP]


Linda Kramer Program Assistant II [IEOP]
Larry Laursen Program Assistant I [IEOP]